How to utilize big data for leadership and managment

big-data-word-cloudBig data is undeniably one of the largest resources of un-utilized information around these days. Large chunks of valuable information is basically wasting around in the ether space waiting to get used. The problem is how to maximise the output of the data. It is just recently the big data slowly getting utilised.

Never before have we known so much. Indeed it has been a long time since the burning of Alexandria and big data will probably be known as Alexandria 2.0 when things are utilized in full.

As I started to think, I was wondering how big data could be used towards leadership? With so much information being written by frustrated co-workers and tired employees on social media, reviews, and blogs and basically everything. What I am trying to imply is that the vastness of this frustration, anger and irritation should be recorded for the sake of improving management and leadership.

And whilst we seen cases where dissatisfied staff are being fired whilst posting something bad about their company or boss on social media, the lesson should not be “never write something bad about your job on social media” rather “how can we collect these thoughts and utilize it to improve organisations”?

The Academic journal of management wrote an article on Big data in 2014 saying “Big data can also be a potent tool for analysis of individual or team behaviour, using sensors or badges to track individuals as they work together, move around their workspace, or spend time interacting with others or allocated to specific tasks”

The idea is not that unfamiliar in other words. The question is how to develop it in full as most of this data is unstructured and you need to separate out the good from the bad. Qualitative research in other words. That algorithm will be up there along with googles search term on almost perfect IA and with systems like that great responsibility will follow as this data can tell you more about yourself then you already know yourself.

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