The born and made leader


We constantly hear how great leaders where born to be leaders, or simply, born leaders.
Then, a couple of weeks ago my university published an article with one of my past professor in management studies, Emmanuel Josserand stating that leaders are maybe not only born but also made. One has to recognize that leadership or leaders differs. There is not one set standard or way to lead and there is different settings for different leaders.

Concerning self-leadership, a trait now coming more and more into action, Josserand states “If people reach that point where they are confident about what they want personally and then can translate that into action in relation to the organisation and to others, I think that’s extremely powerful.” 

Self-leadership has through various studies indicated a positively relation to individual task proficiency and team member proficiency.
Various self-help books has been published in the matter of self-leadership, but I suggest reading interesting articles about the area like Kristina Hauschildt Udo Konradt, (2012),”Self-leadership and team members’ work role performance”, Journal of Managerial Psychology, Vol. 27 Iss 5 pp. 497 – 517.

Professor Emmanuel Josserand article in full

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