The fall of an industry

uber-vs-taxi-title-card“The Taxi and hotel branch is in great danger”.  These are the headlines when professionals, politicians and opinion making machines raise their voices towards services like Uber and Airbnb. Absurd portrayals, images and desperate statements is not unusual when established actors tries to call for boycott and regulations via debate articles and name signatures.

I want to welcome all parties to the term “the shared economy”. A term that is used to explain the economic climate where individuals share their time or things for a smaller cost. The benefits often outweighs the negatives in this climate. Even if this is a simplified version of the actual theoretical term of the shared economy, but the very basics of these companies is built on the original idea.

Companies that in the core are working towards sustainability and where the branding is “what’s yours is mine –for a small fee”.

Without a doubt, one can say that the economy today is very different from the one 10-15 years ago. But another type of business faced similar challenges as the cab corporations today. The retail trade warned all customers for the new shopping online or “e-commerce”. It was unsecure, untaxed and one could never get the same professional treatment as in a physical store. Today the retail industry another rhetoric and other ways to compete. Thus, the e-commerce had to be dealt via adaption and not by force.

The commercial transportation industry today, faces the same challenges as the retail did then. Services like Uber only exists because there is a demand for just this type of service. The industry needs to rethink and remake their services to adapt to the new economical climate and what their customers wants and needs. Two of a multiple array of reasons is availability and price.

The experience that the cab drivers often have, navigation and local routes, is in every man’s hand. Of course one should not out rule knowledge of your surroundings and other type of experience the drivers might have. Service mindedness and how to deal with unpleasant passengers and other miss happenings is crucial for every driver. These are only gained through working in the business. And the most frequent complaint towards Ubers drivers is that driver drove the wrong way. But, regardless, customers are willing to take this risk.

To adapt to new situation and climates is the utter most crucial part of our survival. The same goes for all businesses. Services like uber and Airbnb will always pop up and be in that segment where Ebay where front of the line.

The commercial driving industry needs to find new solution to this problem that within the decade will outgrow theirs. Regulations and restrictions won’t help because it is not the services business nor the regulations and laws harnessing the problems. It is rather the stale driving industry that are facing new problems that they have troubles identifying. IN short, they need to locate and identify their customers, new and old.

To only point towards differences in security via insurance and driving competence shows that this ignorance could be devastating for all commercial drivers and their business as it is not what the current customer wants

The sector itself needs to reform, bottom and up.

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