Re-Launch (yes, again)

Okay, I be the first to admit I have not been very active here. It takes time and inspiration to blog. Something I always seem to run in great shortage of.

Well, mind over matter, making that change now as this will be utilised for my company and serve as the ultimate platform to reach a broader audience. New logo, new theme, new content – new strategy and mission!

New here? Well, this is what to expect form

  •  Video updates of me rambling on about e-commerce and progress update in my companies
  • Thoughts and Theories about business and entrepreneurship in general, might not always be positive.
  • Material and Links I find useful in the field of Business, E-commerce or topics alike!
  • Work and Papers about broader research in a field, company or topic I find useful.
  • Material, spreadsheets and other useful things for people starting a business.
  • Never any for profit materials or click baits – this will always be free material!

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