Video Log Episode 1


I know right. A video log on how to start a company? Is that even possible?

Well, lets see. This series will follow the birth, start and progress of an e-commerce business based on the Shopify platform, aliexpress and drop-shipping.

This is absolutely uncut, no script and raw. No retakes or rehearsals. If I want to say something, I will. Otherwise, I will probably just end up rambling on because I like to hear my own voice!

What to expect throughout the series

  • Uncut material
  • Bad editing
  • Useful tips in how to get into the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Less useful tips
  • Failures
  • Successes
  • Me

Lastly, Not for profit mindset (we will never ask for donations, subscribes or likes because fuck that, literally hate that youtube mentality. If you like what you see, you’ll come back by your self

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