Analyzing Data Part 1: Product Tracker Sheet


This is the Product Tracker Sheet discussed in the latest episode of Uncut! Your’s for free. Some of the cells are locked due to automatic calculations. All you need to do is to plug in the data required and you will be able to analyse it very easy from the start! I recommend doing these sheets every month with your new products or categories to see what working well over time!

Granted, If you have a fresh store without any customers like me, it might take some time in order to get some raw input (like sales) consider running the product test for a longer time.

 Click here to download the Product Tracker analyzesheet


Finding the Buzz

I recently got this website as a tip from a YouTube video and started to play around. Essentially it measures the “buzz” of something, or viralness. An incredible marketing tool in other words. It has limited functionally in Free mode, but does give a free trial. This is a good investment however if you are in it for the long run! The potential here is really incredible! 


As a nice gesture to the original video creator/YouTuber I’ll link that video to. If you are really into Facebook marketing, e-commerce and such, you should defiantly have a look at this guy. Very very good insights! He runs a special deal with Shopify when I write this which gives you 21 days free trail of Shopify instead of 14, which could be a very good deal if you just starting up. Everything to keep them costs down for as long as possible!

Madcam Publishing – Promote your Shopify store with Facebook ads

Business Brand and Cost sheet

resources_exAs shortly discussed in Episode 2. Here’s the Business brand and Cost sheet you can use for free. Simply fill in all information. Always good to have handy when you starting to use more then just one email, Shopify store etc.

You’ll find the cost setup at the end. Simply plug in your monthly numbers and the calculator will do the rest. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions regarding this (for example if you and your business partner splitting monthly cost).

Business brand setup Cost