Video Log Episode 5 – The first week


I know right. A video log on how to start a company? Is that even possible?

Special Edition 80’s opening theme!
Squeezing in another video before the part 2 of my data analysing video. I’ve been live for 1 week now, Huzzah! This is to commemorate that and talk about the number of sales, advertisement and problems and thoughts I have running this type of business!


Finding the Buzz

I recently got this website as a tip from a YouTube video and started to play around. Essentially it measures the “buzz” of something, or viralness. An incredible marketing tool in other words. It has limited functionally in Free mode, but does give a free trial. This is a good investment however if you are in it for the long run! The potential here is really incredible! 


As a nice gesture to the original video creator/YouTuber I’ll link that video to. If you are really into Facebook marketing, e-commerce and such, you should defiantly have a look at this guy. Very very good insights! He runs a special deal with Shopify when I write this which gives you 21 days free trail of Shopify instead of 14, which could be a very good deal if you just starting up. Everything to keep them costs down for as long as possible!

Madcam Publishing – Promote your Shopify store with Facebook ads