Video Log Episode 4 – Part 1


I know right. A video log on how to start a company? Is that even possible?

This is a mandatory video. I am just saying. You NEED to analyse, utilise and tap into that data. This is a 2 part video. First out is the backbone of your shop, the product. What works well, what doesn’t work and how much do they cost. Also apologies for the distracting background mess, currently moving houses!


Analyzing Data Part 1: Product Tracker Sheet


This is the Product Tracker Sheet discussed in the latest episode of Uncut! Your’s for free. Some of the cells are locked due to automatic calculations. All you need to do is to plug in the data required and you will be able to analyse it very easy from the start! I recommend doing these sheets every month with your new products or categories to see what working well over time!

Granted, If you have a fresh store without any customers like me, it might take some time in order to get some raw input (like sales) consider running the product test for a longer time.

 Click here to download the Product Tracker analyzesheet

The downside of Pepperi

diagram-cloudPepperi is the leading provider of mobile sales and B2B e-Commerce apps for brand manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. Pepperi’s cloud-based products are available in 12 languages and used by customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. Available on all tablet devices, it is the App Store’s most popular sales rep application. Pepperi’s customer base spans a wide range of industries, from fashion and eyewear to home and giftware.”  

First let me say: Pepperi is great at what it does. Therefore, one should not see this as negative post about Pepperi and what the company does, but merely suggestions or perhaps difficulties working with such a system. However, I am surpriced at the very low number of articles or feedback regarding Pepperi online. Hence I feel this article might guide some thinking about implementing Pepperi to their business.

Time, as many of us so desperately seek seem to vanish into thin air if not handled right. Deadlines, timelines and other factors weighs into one single equation “effectiveness”.

I’ve been working with Pepperi for about one year now. A little background information is that I use it for administrative work in the fashion industry that it’s been praised for. It pinpoints certain very important elements for just that nature of business with seasons, sales reps and other useful information one might want to gather.

Now, I am not going to argue on anything on the sales side, mostly because I am not working on that end. I deal with the backend, extracting data from the system, trying to squeeze out every piece of valuable information about the customers as possible.

The hunt for effectiveness mostly comes from the quality of the data being able to be extracted from Pepperi. It handles sales, orders, stocks as well as current seasons and on the go devices apps for sales agents. All in all; great.

Furthermore, the basic overview of business accounts that can be pin pointed on maps makes very clear and effective for areas where you are about and where you want to be.

Getting back to the effectiveness and quality of data I was struck by the limits in the reports you could extract from the system. The pre designed was just not up to par standard as one could assume from this type of sustem, and they were very protective of it. Now, it is crucial to understand that it is your data you are after. Not Pepperis. In order to get a picture of your customers and build a realistic spreadsheet of sales targets and such, the data extracted must be of utter quality.

However, dealing with the customer support, might get you where you want to go but it may also just leave you thinking “this is not what I asked for at all” or “how come this simple problem is not yet fixed and dealt with”?

Yes, the customer support is absolutely horrendous at time, promising great changes but not being able to deliver. On multiple occasions, tickets being sent in are just being left open after the customer agent think they solved the problem.

I also want to point out that there are several very large and downright annoying bugs in their system. ERP codes and customer ID’s for example turned out to be a hassle to change as they are recorded into two different columns. Meaning if you want to change these after a period of time, they might turn out to be locked out, since Pepperi only let you access one of these columns, but not the one affecting the value. Therefor one is forced to contact customer support and wait for them to manually do it. As you might figure, this takes time.

As a matter of fact. The lack of understanding when describing problems or, the lack of features needed, meant that we had to choose a 3d party in order to make our Business Intelligence system complete. XLR Reporting was able to seamlessly integrate both Pepperi data as well as our bookkeeping and order handling system into one and deliver on what Pepperi should be able to do.

Now, Pepperi was never meant to be a par standard of such a reporting system, but I and many in my position out there could easily do this in Pivoue tables in excel to get similar data. We could only do this if the reports extracted from Pepperi was up to that level. Unfortunately this is not the case.

As of backend interface, I am deeply disappointed in how it’s built. It is mostly java scripted which in many cases can make very annoying issues (like opening a new tab from a link) or resetting the data to 0 when going back one page. Small issues, yes, but never the less so annoying that it stops the effectiveness and quality of work. The recording of orders are there for a hassle for any sales department and a lot of time is being spent of simply doing the same things to many times.

To conclude, I’ve yet to see any real review of Pepperi. This post is to inform of problems one might hit when implanting Pepperi to the company. I believe it is very user friendly for the sales agents as well as potential customers, and it is in the right time of age. However, to get any real information from it that you want to build your data on might be very tricky and turn out to be a headache and you might have to consider getting a 3d party system to make your DATA complete.